SOTA W6/CD-016


SOTA activation of Ryan Mountain.  Video produced with Adobe Premier and After Effects CS4.  Ryan Mountain is located in Joshua Tree National Park, near Joshua Tree California.  Ryan peak sits at 5500 ft elevation.  Our activation was made using a Yeasu FT-857, a custom made wire antenna on a carbon fiber pole-fishing-pole for HF, and an elk antenna for 2 meters.


  1. Frontier Fox says:

    This was a sick trip!!

  2. Brian says:

    This SOTA activity looks like a great time. I am very interested in getting involved. As I surf the internet looking for more information I stumbled across your well documented SOTA adventures. I am looking for someone like yourself to answer a few questions for me. I noticed from your locations that you are in the same region as me, which is why I am attempting to contact you.

    If interested in answering a few questions about SOTA, my email is

    By the way pictures and website look great.

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