SOTA Testing

Some images taken while testing and experimenting with new SOTA antenna designs. We set up in a dry lake bed in the Joshua Tree National park, and quickly informed any passing inquisitors that we were “attempting to contact aliens”, or “building Sasquatch snares”. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than convincing mundanes that crazy people wander the desert hunting big foot while searching the sky for an opportunity to settle a probing score with little green men.

The testing went very well, as we were able to make multiple contacts using only 5 watts with the Yaesu FT-817ND. The antenna was constructed with the following materials:

  • 36ft Carbon Fiber Pole-Fishing-Pole – Proforce 1100
  • 150# test Spectra kite-line for extensions on the wire
  • Silky 26ga copper clad steel antenna wire
  • RG 174 coax
  • Custom cut ring and isolators from project plastic

Bi-directional inverted V dipole dual bander (20/40) that weighs less than the radio.  Some important lessons were learned during the process about set-up and tear down.  Some new design ideas are also in the works.  We learned quite a bit from this trip.  Can’t wait to tweak this sucker and lug it up a mountain.

For information on how to build an antenna like this go to:



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