W6/CT-002 San Jacinto

What a great day to be at 11,000 feet!  While the desert floor was cooking, we were cooling off on top of Mt. San Jacinto.  This was a great test for our 20 meter ultralight SOTA design (how-to here).  After some minor disagreements with the local vegitation, we were able to get the antenna in the air using a patented dude-holding-the-pole anchoring device.  This kept the whole rig from crashing down in the howling winds on the peak.

It was truly a great day, as both N1OB and I have never had pileups on our frequency like this before.  I could not believe the traffic jam we generated locally and across the country.  To quote some of our more lively contacts: “Are you SURE you aren’t in Idaho?” and “Wow, you are really booming in here!”, and “the band is dead, but apparently not at 11,000 feet!”.

Enjoy the pictures from this activation, and to all those contacts we made, thank you!



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