The Lost Road

Roads and trails in the desert are forgotten all the time.  Most remain that way for years and are left for nature to reclaim.  Sometimes these lost roads are found again.  Traveling on these lost roads gives one the feeling of exploring new territory.  The chance to truly seek solitude in a place where one can be just as lost as the road traveled.  Where man is at the mercy of his machine, and one cannot escape the reality that every person traveling there is instantly demoted from his or her profession to that of being simply “coyote bait”.  And is it so bad?  Why rot in the ground somewhere when nature grants you the opportunity to be so much more.  A meal or two, some coyote tug-of-war, sun bleached bones riding flash floods to a future mystery when the lost road is found again.



  1. thorn says:

    great blog- but i see more than one vehicle out there (haha) coyote bait- i know the feeling, this is taken from my motorcycle, alone…

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